Review of “How God Makes Men”


Published: 2013

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

“How God Makes Men” by Patrick Morley shows us the ten-thousand foot view of how God worked in the lives of men throughout Scripture and how He does so today. The amazing truth is that the process of maturity is the same. A holy God loves and redeems His people; He works in men through a process of faith, obedience, and perseverance in order to bring them to a place of spiritual maturity.

Morley is speaking specifically to men in his book. As founder of Man in the Mirror Ministry, his passion for men’s discipleship is clear throughout the book. The process of discipleship has been needed in all times and places, but he frames the unique challenges of discipling men today from his beliefs that:

 “Men under forty are especially vulnerable to an alien worldview that is gutting the institutions of marriage and family. Our government agencies, social sector organizations, and businesses are overstrained trying to cope with the downstream damage of an increasingly fatherless, angry, and dysfunctional generation. There has to be a better way.”

Spiritual maturity is developed in the context of relationships. God works in people so people will reach out to others with His love. Morley tells us that developing men as disciples has a viral effect on families and the Church.  

“Here’s the good news. If we get men right, we will get marriages right. If we get marriages right, we will get families right. If we get families right, we will get the church right. And if we get the church right, God will change the world.”

Morley shows us the profile of ten men, highlighting accounts in both the New and Old Testament. From Abraham to David to Paul, we see glimpses of the process that God worked in each man. Each profile highlights a particular principle of spiritual growth. We see an unexpected leader in Gideon; a passionate calling in Nehemiah; and a surrendered life in Paul. And what God has done in these lives is also available to us today. Morley makes a bold claim to his readers about the certainty of God’s ability to mobilize men:

“Here’s the promise of How God Makes Men. And it’s a huge one. If you absorb and embrace the timeless principles offered by these ten men, you can get past the shallow cultural Christianity that wants to gut your manhood and get to—or back to—a more biblical Christianity.”

The strength of this book is that it shows us characteristics of men who can be difficult to relate to today; few of us would say that we have much in common with Solomon or Joseph. However, once we understand that God was doing in a work in each of these sinner’s lives, they become strangely familiar to us: We see the fear that kept them from obeying and the confirmation of God’s promise to redeem men. The same promise is available to us today—God will work in and through each man to strengthen and mature him to the fullness that God intends.  

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