About Jason & This Site

About Jason
I am married to the lovely and talented Jacqueline. We currently in live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee with our dog Willow. I work in the book industry by day and enjoy reading at night.

My interest for this blog is simple: Amplify great ideas. Not just good ideas, but great ones. The ideas that make things happen. Those are the kind of ideas I want to market, sell, teach, communicate, and share with other people. Ideas grow in the context of relationships and have the power to change lives. Those are the kind of ideas I will exhaust myself trying to spread.

About This Site

The power of ideas has fascinated me since I was child. I have always wanted to know more about what people believe and how they express those beliefs. The course of history can be traced by the influence of ideas at particular times.

The ideas that inform our beliefs about faith, liberty, and economics are particularly important. What we believe about these topics will determine our spiritual beliefs, our view of culture, and our relationships with one another.     

Not all ideas are equally important. Some have greater consequences than others. Their priority can be arranged as follows:

1. Relational truths between God and man, as well as between man and man (faith, love, hope, grace, and mercy)
2. Doctrinal truths about God (apologetics and theology)
3. The ordering of the affairs of men (liberty and economics)

Note: As a convenience to my readers, I provide links to Amazon so you know where you can buy the books. I am an Amazon affiliate program member.

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