Economics Is About Production, Not About Money

Please see my related article on why money is not the problem in politics:

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8 Responses to Economics Is About Production, Not About Money

  1. Michelle Clesceri says:

    This is an excellent video. And it looks like you have amassed quite a collection of intellectual conservative thought. I will be spending time here and showing these videos to my four boys. Thanks for you contribution to our country.

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  3. Rich K says:

    Sadly the people who should see these works by Friedman think he is just a very confused Jew who supports the Evil Bankers in the world.

  4. Easy Al says:

    Friedman is famous for Monetarism, he should be famous for his moral arguments for economic freedom.

  5. Martel says:

    My quick little way to say this is: The government can create money, but only WE can create value.

  6. hutch says:

    Freidman’s appearance on Donahue discussing greed and refuting the the concept of governments as being virtuous should be required watching

  7. R.C. says:

    Rich K:

    You have it almost right.

    The people who should see these works by Friedman typically think he is an Evil Jew Banker (or Banker Stooge) who supports the Evil Jew Bankers of the world.

    One has to keep in mind the perennial antisemitism of the Left, you know. (Granted, what they sometimes call the “Right” in Europe can also be antisemitic, but that’s because the European Right and Left tend to be equally authoritarian, and it’s authoritarians who tend to blame the Jews for everything. In the U.S. the situation is oddly confused because conservatism is called right-wing as it is in Europe, but America’s conservatism is geared towards “conserving” — more realistically, towards restoring — the classical liberalism of the American founding, which is anti-authoritarian and thus contrary to both the European Left and the European Right. The American Right is thus mostly nonexistent in Europe, and the European Right mostly nonexistent in America. This is why Europeans can correctly call Nazism and other Fascisms a Right-Wing phenomenon according to the European spectrum of left-to-right, while the Americans can equally correctly label Nazism and the other Fascisms a Left-Wing phenomenon according to the American spectrum of left-to-right. And of course the traditional economic understanding of Fascism, where the means of production are owned only by those of whom the government approves and directed not according to the needs of owners but the whims of the ruling elite, is exactly what the American Left is recreating in America today. But I digress.)

  8. Squid says:

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have another such person, who could explain the concepts and fallacies with the clarity and cheerfulness that Friedman brought. Today, our shouting heads just scream at one another about how wrong they are. Friedman doesn’t call his counterpart stupid or evil; he tells him he’s misguided, and then proceeds to guide him, smiling and friendly the whole time.

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