Review of “Exporting Prosperity: Why the U.S. Economy May Never Recover”

ExportingPublished: 2013

In “Exporting Prosperity: Why the U.S. May Never Recover”, James H. Boudreau shares his frustration about the state of the economy in the United States. He examines how our government operates, analyzes the operating practices of several large employers, and gives his opinions about where the United States’ economy should go from here.

Boudreau has composed a rant about his frustration regarding the tenable situation facing the United States. Since manufacturing jobs have been exported, many people have been displaced and the cost of manufacturing goods in the United States is steadily increasing. He believes that the way our government reports economic numbers obfuscates the severity of our situation and that many Americans are unaware of the dire situation we are facing.

The middle section of his book contains many statistics to support his claims. I wanted to read the book in order to understand his main idea conceptually, so I did not fact check any of the statistics presented. Some readers will enjoy spending more time analyzing how he crunched the numbers in order to arrive at his conclusions.

This book may be best for those want to hear from a writer who can sympathize with those who have had a career in the private sector and just want to “focus on what he is saying, not on how he says it.” There are some grammatical errors in the book and his style can be described as a conversational rant; if you enjoy reading authors who make you think “I know someone just like him—I feel like I am talking to my neighbor”, you may enjoy reading this book.

The book appears to be self-published. I was not able to find much information about the author; he has a website for the book at From his blog:

I invested hundreds and hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of my own money to get this book out.  I didn’t do this with the expectation of riches or fame…I did it to try and get the message out about some aspects of our economy that nobody is discussing.

Many people will agree with his analysis that jobs have been displaced and the United States’ economy as we knew it twenty years ago is gone. Our economy is going through a major transition, as major as the transition from an agrarian to a manufacturing economy. We are no longer a manufacturing economy—growth for the foreseeable future will be in services and technology. Many workers have been displaced as a result. At the same time, many workers entering the workforce have no knowledge of how our economy operated in the past. These workers will quickly adapt to the needs of the current market.

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