Review of “Confident Faith: Building a Firm Foundation for Your Beliefs”

On the Shoulders of Giants

Confident Faith

Published: 2013

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

In “Confident Faith: Building a Firm Foundation For Your Beliefs”, Mark Mittelberg begins with premise that everyone believes something. Even if you think that you believe in “nothing”, then you have developed a belief system about the world as you perceive it. We often inherit a belief system from our parents; as we age we decide to either accept these beliefs or adopt others. Regardless of what each of us believes, some people have more reasons for why they believe what they believe.

Lee Strobel, friend Mark Mittelberg and author of “The Case for Christ”, writes in the foreword “Wherever you are in your spiritual adventure, you’re going to find yourself encouraged and challenged. But most of all, you’re going to walk away with everything you need to find a truly confident faith in Jesus Christ.”

This is where Mittelberg wants to…

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