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Review of “The Law”

By: Frédéric Bastiat Published: 1850, later translated into English My rating: 5 of 5 stars. Often considered a rite of passage by those in the liberty movement, reading “The Law” by Frédéric Bastiat infuses hope to lovers of freedom. This book … Continue reading

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Elected Officials- Making the Wrong People do the Right Thing

We hire our elected officials by voting for them. We should remember that they make the decisions they believe people want- as long as we vote accordingly.

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On Being a Conservative

I am a conservative because uniquely in America, I can be. I would not be considered conservative in the parts of the world which preserve the traditions of the past which include caste systems, slavery, and oppression. I will only … Continue reading

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Responding to the Comment “If We Could Just Take Money Out of Politics- But That Will Never Happen..!”

We have all been frustrated about figures showing how much money has been raised for a campaign, spent by organizations in order to influence the outcome of a race or bill, or paid to individuals who we are “not really … Continue reading

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Are Libertarians Part of the Conservative Movement?

AEI Conservative/ Libertarian Debate Check out the page from this event for a good summary:

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